Weekly details


October 16, 2015

Think happy, be happy - photo by José Chan


I decided to do another ‘Weekly details’ again this week. I haven’t done one since week 10 this year (I had to look that up..) and it’s week 42 now!

This will be a small glimpse of my week. When I looked through the photos of this week I realized I actually left out all the ‘big’ things that I did, but oh well.

That’s why I called it “Weekly details” and not “Weekly overview“, hehe.

Birdcage, on set, ph by José Chan

I had a very cool shoot this week. The shoot was at an industrial location and my first time working with a huge team for a brand.

The photos above make you think it was a dark and edgy shoot, but I shot lots of fun and smiling photos actually. I can show you the results of the shoot when the brand has launched.

Women living well, Good morning girls, ph by José Chan

How I like to start my day..

I wake up every morning at 6.
But it makes me feel really energized for the day.

If you wonder how, you should read Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod! He talks about how YOU are responsible for living an extraordinary life and live to your full potential in EVERY area of your life.

I’m not kidding, this book will make you WANT to wake up early.

I get a lot of stuff done in the morning and I have enough time to read and mark my Bible thorougly, as you can see.

Raspberries greek yogurt, ph by José Chan

Favourite breakfast.. Greek yogurt with raspberries!

(I normally don’t eat at my desk, bad habits!)

Editing with VSCOcam, ph by José Chan

I decided to rewrite my most-read blog post, editing with VSCOcam!

Parmaham mozzarella mushroom salad, ph by José Chan

I made this super easy salad, but sooo good!

Parmaham, mozzarella, mushrooms, tomatoes, rocket salad. I forgot to add pesto, but this tasted good already!

Editing on HP laptop, ph by José Chan

What you probably didn’t know is that I filmed a wedding a few weeks ago. I have a HUGE amount of footage to edit and still a lot of work to do. Think of cutting down two times 3 hours of footage (2 cameras) to half an hour!

Spareribs dinner, ph by José Chan

On rare occasions we eat like western people at home:
Fork, knife and POTATOES, hahah.
My dad’s spareribs are the best!

And that’s it for this week! I hope you liked it.

As I said before, I left out most of the big things I did this week, but it feels nice to give a glimpse like this anyway, especially after a long time!

Enjoy your weekend! ☺