Weekly details


January 31, 2015

weekly details

How was your week? It was a crazy week for me. Not only because it was my last week at my internship after four months, but also because I realized a few times how blessed I am in life. I had a meeting with my teacher who pointed out how exceptional it was that I found supervisors for my graduation in a very short time while others sometimes struggle with it for half a year. Then she added that it was just as special how I managed to get into the project at my internship. It’s such a big, interesting and influential project at the core of the organization and I just got picked up and taken on board. I knew all these things, but it wasn’t until she pointed it out that I realized just how grateful I should be and not take any of these things for granted.

On Monday, we celebrated my dad’s birthday at La Passione, an Italian restaurant in The Hague. We had some quality time and ate good food.


wagyu beef




On the last day of my internship I received some nice Dutch tulips from my supervisor, as well as an orange umbrella and an ING watch. I will wear it proudly! It’s the end of another chapter and I had a lump in my throat while writing goodbye emails to all of my colleagues. I had such a nice time and it was a great experience to work there. I learned a lot and I will miss the people, the work and the good times.

ING watch


Yesterday, I did an outfit shoot with Rachèl again. We always get photobombed by people, haha.


How was your week?



Haha super leuk die photobombed foto’s!! xxx

En de foto’s van May zijn inderdaad heeel tof geworden!