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January 24, 2015

weekly details

Weekly Details

Weekly Details

Weekly Details

Weekly Details

I only have a few pictures of this week to show you and they’re not 100% representative for the week I had, more like 10%. I’m only showing you a part of one dinner I had this week, while I ate out three times this week. I worked out three times again (YAY!), watched Wie is de mol? (a Dutch TV show) with friends, had a photoshoot with May and besides all that, also had to work at office. I had a really nice, busy week with lots of activities and dinners, but didn’t really bother to take my camera with me all the time.

At office, they offer quite healthy choices for breakfast, fruits and smoothies, salads for lunch and different kinds of nuts for snacking time. I’m kind of sad to leave my internship after next week, because I had a great time working with the team and we worked on a really nice project. I still have one deliverable to finish next week, so maybe I’ll try to work on it this weekend (next to some editing work I have to do), so I can finish it in time.

Have a nice weekend!