VSCO Film 00 Review | Before-After examples


April 25, 2015


So VSCO has just released a FREE starter pack: VSCO Film 00! It includes two popular presets of previous VSCO Film packs and their variations: Kodak Gold 100 from Film 05 and Tri-X from Film 06. This pack can only be used in Adobe Lightroom and is meant for you to try out the VSCO Film presets. If you’ve been a fan of the app VSCOcam, but haven’t had the chance to buy VSCO Film yet, I highly recommend you to download this and see if you like it! It’s a good way to get more familiar with using VSCO presets in Lightroom. The results are definitely worth it! I have all of the VSCO Film packs and Kodak Gold 100 is definitely one of my favourites.

Here are a few examples of the VSCO Film 00 presets on my photos of Auris, the most beautiful chihuahua in the world! Wait for the photos to load or refresh your page if you’re not seeing anything.

Kodak Gold 100

Kodak Gold 100 +

Kodak Gold 100 ++

Kodak Gold 100 +++

Kodak Gold 100 – –

Kodak Gold 100 – – –

Kodak Gold 100 Cool

Kodak Gold 100 Cool +

Kodak TRI-X⁺¹ +

Kodak TRI-X⁺² +

Kodak TRI-X⁺³ ++

I will be doing more VSCO Film and VSCOcam reviews with before and after photos, so follow me on Bloglovin’ to not miss anything!