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I sometimes get the question: Do you edit your photos? How do you edit your photos? Well, today I’ll reveal everything you want to know, because the answer is: YES, of course I edit my photos and in this post I’ll tell you why and how I do this! I even reveal one of my favorite photos unedited!

Every photo you see here on my blog has undergone some sort of editing. Personally, I think it’s okay to edit your photos if it enhances them. I always shoot in RAW and with RAW photos it’s even necessary to edit them. And no, not everyone I photograph has clear or smooth skin, but nowadays people are so used to seeing this in photos in magazines or advertisements, you could say that it’s expected that you don’t have dark circles under your eyes or blemishes on your skin on photos. Make up can help, but Photoshop can do more.

I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.3 and Adobe Photoshop CS6 to edit my photos. I always start with importing the photos in Lightroom, picking out the best ones and start with cropping the photo and rotating it a bit if needed. Exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, temperature and vibrance are adjustments that have to be done if you shoot in RAW like me. For photos with people as subjects I like to use Photoshop to edit out blemishes and smoothen skin a little. I also try to fix anything that is distracting in the photo. This can be anything small from hair strands on clothes to rubbish bins to people in the background. It takes some time to do this for everything on one photo, let alone for a whole set of photos, so you can imagine I don’t always have time to do this. That said, I like to do it if I know it will make the photo better or make the subject stand out.


This is one of my favorite photos that I shot of Noor. On the left the original photo and on the right the end result that I posted here a while ago. I remember I was so excited about this photo that I went a little crazy with all the details. The most obvious things are the exposure, contrast and the colors of the photo. The next step was to smoothen the skin a little in Photoshop. You can see I edited out the litter on the ground and the blue traffic sign. I also edited out hair strands on the clothes, fly-away hair, a few blemishes on the skin and spots on the bag. This last step was not really needed may be, but forgive me for getting a little overexcited, haha. I love the end result and it turned out to be one of the photos I’m most proud of.



Please let me know if you liked this post and if you’d want to see more of this in the future! I’m thinking about posting more before-after photos, yes or no?

For other photos of this shoot, click here and for outfit details, please visit Noor’s blog.


Leuke post! Heb je de edit programmas zelf leren gebruiken? Ik vind het altijd zo moeilijk omdat het zoveel functies heeft!

Dankje. Ja heb ik zelf leren gebruiken. Klopt, maar je hoeft lang niet alles te kennen, alleen de essentiele dingen!

Why did I discover you now only? =) I am from Italy, very very nice blog! This picture is Amazing, which are the camera, lens and settings here? Thanks a lot!!

Hahah, this is just my little corner on the enormous world wide web. Thank you! This was taken with my Nikon D90, 70-200mm f2.8 lens.

Prachtige foto, José! Misschien een rare vraag, maar hoe heb je dat effect zo gekregen? Ikzelf ben Lightroom nogal aan het uitvogelen en vind het altijd erg interessant om te zien hoe anderen het gebruiken.

Dankje! Ik heb voor deze foto niet alleen Lightroom en Photoshop gebruikt, maar daarna ook de app VSCOcam. Ik denk dat het effect dat jij bedoelt een filter is van VSCOcam. Die is op je smartphone gratis te downloaden!

Echt jij maak altijd zulke mooie foto’s! Leuk dat je dit deelt met ons :)
En om antwoord te geven op je vraag het was inderdaad Utrecht, goed gezien


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