Strawberry picking


June 29, 2015

Strawberry picking

Aardbeien plukken

Aardbeien plukken


Zelfpluk kruisbes



Zelfpluk kersen



I didn’t know this was possible in The Netherlands, but last weekend I went strawberry and cherry picking with a group of brothers and sisters at a fruit farm. The strawberry season has begun and we were lucky to harvest the first cherries of the season!

You get a container at the entrance to collect as many strawberries and cherries as you like. The strawberries are kept in a greenhouse, where it is very hot. You walk through rows of strawberry plants in search of beautiful, well-shaped, red strawberries until you have enough. The cherries are plucked in an orchard where it’s nice and cool in the shade of the trees. Not all cherries were entirely good yet, but there were plenty of good ones that also tasted delicious. Other berries such as cranberries and gooseberries were not ready yet. I read on the site of the farm that they have raspberries, too, but I guess those are only ready at another time as well. At the end, you weigh your containers with hand-picked strawberries and cherries and you can checkout.

It was really nice to see everyone busy picking and everyone took some hand-picked fruit to enjoy at home. This really is something fun to do more often in summer!



Your pictures are amazing!
Didn’t you secretly ate a lot of fruit while picking?


Thanks! Hihi, I didn’t, but I know others did, hahah! X


That’s how me and my love call them. haha.

I’ve never gone strawberry picking, so this is something I’d love to do. :]

// ▲ ▲

Yes, it’s so fun and rewarding! X