Istanbul – Pink house in Anadolu Kavaği


March 18, 2015

Pink paradise, Anadolu Kavagi
Pink paradise, Anadolu Kavagi 3
Anadolu 02
Pink house, Anadolu Kavagi
Pink house, Anadolu Kavagi 2

Would you ever want to live in a hot pink house? I think I wouldn’t mind for a while, it definitely lifts up your mood! But I think it would become a little too much after a while, hahah, I can hear people think: “Hurts my eyes, argh!”.
I came across this pink house in Anadolu Kavaği, a village just outside Istanbul. The residents even painted the flower planters pink. Funny though that they decorated their house like this, also a little bit kitsch, hahah. The flowers that weren’t withered, were also fake :’).