Moodboard: A cloudy summer

Moodboard, a cloudy summer

Source: Julia Trotti & Pinterest

Something I’ve always wanted to do is a photoshoot on the beach and I can finally say I’m doing one TODAY!

It’s not really your typical summery beach photoshoot, we’re going for more of a darker atmosphere as you can see in the moodboard. We’re not shooting in the middle of the day, but as the sun is setting, because we think it will suit the type of atmosphere we want. I hope that the sun will really come out today, but if it’s cloudy (NOT rainy), it can be nice as well for the dark atmosphere.

I’ve created a moodboard for this shoot as an inspiration and so that everyone knows what to do and what kind of pictures we’re going for.

I’ll be working with a model, a makeup artist and a stylist this time. It’s the first time I’ll be doing something like this. (And you know how NERVE-RACKING first times can be.) Normally I only shoot with fashion bloggers, but I want to get more professional in the business, so I’m slowly moving my photography in that direction.

I hope to shoot beautiful pictures today, I’m super excited already!



oh my gosh. The shots are beautiful!

They are not mine, but by Julia Trotti and found on Pinterest!

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