Blogger shoot: May





It’s been so long since the last time I did an outfit shoot with May. The last one was last year in September! It was really nice to catch up and work together again. We have more in common than just blogs and fashion, and no, it’s not just both being Asian, but we’re also both Christian and go to church every week. Knowing that we’re sisters in Christ and hold the same values makes it super comfortable and fun to work together!

We also talked about how we feel about sharing personal things online and how sometimes blogging feels like self-promotion and the shallowness of it all. I’ve felt guilty about blogging because there are so many more important things going on in the world and here I am writing about what kind of things I’ve done in a week and people actually spend time reading it! It feels useless, but I just comfort myself with the idea that this blog is just an outlet for my work. I’m curious if other bloggers feel this from time to time as well..

I took these pictures with my 70-200mm lens, but also have a few other ones that I took with a wide-angle lens. Those turned out pretty good for the first time, so I’ll show you those another time.

Have a great week!



mooie foto’s en outfit!

ik vind het juist leuk om af en toe gewoon simpele dingen te kijken/lezen. zoals outfits. ook al gebeuren er veel belangrijkere dingen, dat neemt niet weg dat ik (en ik denk de meeste) zo af en toe gewoon eens veel liever naar een outfitpost kijken.

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