Louise, photo by José Chan

Louise, photo by José Chan

Louise Lam, photo by José Chan

So OBVIOUSLY when I’m on holiday in Lisbon with my best friends and when one of them is a model, I HAVE to do a shoot with her, right?? So on our second to last morning in Lisbon, we got out of bed a little earlier to do a quick shoot in the morning sun!

As Lisbon is SOO picturesque (take a look at my Instagram!), it was harder to pick a location for a shoot than to find one, because there were charming streets, doors, stairs etc. EVERYWHERE. This little corner with pink flowers was just at the end of our street and one thing was certain from the first day: we HAD to do a shoot here! The colors of the flowers are so prettyyyy! I just wish we had these in The Netherlands..



oh wauw, prachtige foto’s en wat een mooie model

Prachtig model, en super mooie foto’s!

WOW! Ze is prachtig! Mooie foto’s heb je gemaakt <3


Dankje! Jaa ze is super mooi! X

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