Lisbon – Day 3

Board, ph by José Chan

Lisbon streets, ph by José Chan

Friends, ph by José Chan

Day 3 in Lisbon! We took the train to Belém, because we wanted to see the Belém tower and eat the most famous and most recommended custard tarts at Pastéis de Belém.

Pastéis de Belém, ph by José Chan

Custard tarts, ph by José Chan

Lunch, ph by José Chan

By the time we arrived at Belém it was lunch time, so we had lunch at Pastéis de Belém. Not everyone knows this, but inside the place there’s A LOT of room to sit. The long line outside for the takeway is kind of misleading, but luckily we were tipped beforehand.

The custard tarts were REALLY GOOD!!! We liked the ones from Manteigaria before, but these…. these were EXCEPTIONAL!

We took a box of 6 custard tarts with us on our way back as well.

Boats, ph by José Chan

Belém view, ph by José Chan

View, ph by José Chan

Two of us went up on this monument (it’s not the Belém tower), the ones with student passes and without fear of heights ;). The others would rather climb the Belém tower. The 360° view from the monument was pretty!

Friends, ph by José Chan

Anyone recognize this pose? :’)

Workout, ph by José Chan

Belém tower, ph by José Chan

Belém tower, ph by José Chan

We wanted to go inside the Belém tower, but first(?) disappointment of the day.. it was CLOSED. A simple Google search could have warned us that it was closed on Mondays.. we probably saved on long queueing time though.

Monastery, ph by José Chan

Friends, ph by José Chan

Ducks, ph by José Chan

Shoes, ph by José Chan

We enjoyed the weather and the occasional spray of mist from the fountain here the rest of the afternoon.

Santini ice cream in Belém, photo by José Chan

Santini ice cream in Belém, photo by José Chan

Before going back to the city center Lisbon, we had ice cream at Santini. They have a lot of delicious flavours to choose from and they all taste really good! I had pineapple and white grapes.

Lobster rice, ph by José Chan

Clams, ph by José Chan

Pork and clams, photo by José Chan

In the evening, we wanted to eat steak sandwich at a restaurant we found online, but the place was CLOSED due to holiday. Lesson of the day was clearly to check the opening hours of all the places we want to go to, hehe.

We were all very tired, so we decided to eat at a place near the steak sandwich restaurant. We had, among other things, lobster rice, clams and pork and clams. The food and service was okay, but with our sleepy heads we accidentally tipped the waiter wayyyy too much.. Oops. Probably made his day :’).




Nice pics!
I like the mirrorselfie the most. with icecreamies.