Highlights of 2014


December 30, 2014

2014 was a great year. I have a lot to be thankful about and I realize it’s only by grace that I’m able to do the things I love. I’ve done more than I could have ever imagined since I started working more seriously on photography. 2014 was a journey of great opportunities, collaborations, meeting new people and making friends on the way. I’m excited for 2015 to come, to graduate from university and hopefully spend more time doing photo- and videography. To wrap up this year, here are some highlights of the things I’ve done and loved to do in 2014.

Outfit videos

The whole journey started with the idea of shooting outfit videos, which I tried out on friends at first. I posted these videos on Instagram and soon amazing opportunities started coming to me one by one, for which I’m really grateful.
In 2015, my goal is to shoot more outfit videos. I’ve been a little slow with them, because they take longer to shoot and edit than normal outfit photos. It’s something not many fashion bloggers do yet, so I hope to work with more fashion bloggers on outfit videos as well!

Outfit shoots

Besides outfit videos, I started doing outfit shoots this year as well. I shot with Rachèl, May, KaiLe, Noor and more fashionable people. It’s an honour to work with such creative, talented and beautiful people. Blogging is hard work, so I really admire their drive and passion for it. It’s great to be able to contribute to their work through photography. I hope next year I can continue working with these and more inspiring people.



Blogger events

Working closely with fashion bloggers also brought new opportunities. On my birthday, I worked on a video for ilovefashionbloggers during their brainstorm session. I shot a video of Noor getting ready for another event and later this year, I was asked as photographer at ilovefashionbloggers’ big Q&A event.

Negin Mirsalehi, Linda Tol, Yara Michels, Jolique Moller

Wedding videography

A huge opportunity to develop my skills and gain more experience was working as videographer at a wedding. It was a stressful and very long day, but I learned a lot and I absolutely loved doing it!
Am I ready for more weddings? I think there are wedding videography teams out there that are better in this and more experienced than me. But if the opportunity rises and if the couple will have me, I’m more than happy to work at more weddings in 2015.


In October, I went on an amazing study tour through Israel. I think it was one of the most memorable travels ever, even though I’ve traveled a lot before. We had a lot of blue skies, stood on top of mountains and saw Jerusalem by day and by night. Besides Israel, I also traveled to Italy this year and I hope to travel even more in 2015!


That’s a wrap!

Thanks everyone for following and supporting me in my journey. See you in 2015! Happy New Year!