Food in Istanbul


April 13, 2015

Fıstıklı Muhallebi, Hafiz Mustafa

Turkish desserts are sooo good! This is Fıstıklı Muhallebi, a pistachio pudding.

Dessert, Hafiz Mustafa


Turkish coffee with Turkish delight.

Chocolate cake

A very big slice of chocolate cake.

Baklava, Hafiz Mustafa

Baklava like you never had before! This is dry baklava, so with less sugar syrup. So good!

Tavuk göğsü, Turkish dessert

We also wanted to try something traditional, so we had this dessert: Tavuk göğsü, pudding made of milk and…chicken! It’s surprisingly good, hahah. You don’t taste the chicken! ;)


Everyone always thinks Turkish desserts are very sweet, but that’s not the case at all! We don’t like too sweet desserts, but we all liked these Turkish ones. This cake here was really perfect.


Meze is a selection of small appetizers you can take as starter. It’s very good together with bread.

Fish, food in Istanbul

Salad, food in Istanbul

I’ve tried keep eating healthy in Istanbul, so I had salad whenever I could. This was the best salad I had there.

Chicken and rice

Goat cheese salad

On our first day, I was unlucky with this goat cheese salad. The smell of the cheese was so strong that I couldn’t eat it and asked for a salad without goat cheese. They gave me a plate with rocket salad and tomato hahahah.

Salad, Anadolu Kavagi

Mussels, Anadolu Kavagi

Calamari, Anadolu Kavagi

In Anadolu Kavağı, we had some seafood, because it’s their specialty there.

Buttered shrimp, Anadolu Kavagi

This dish was quite special: shrimps and mushrooms in butter. It had a really strong butter smell, but tasted quite good.

Burger, Lucky Texans

Near the hotel, we had dinner at Lucky Texans, Steaks & Burgers. A good change after all the Turkish food. The owner of the restaurant is very friendly, speaks American-English fluently and gives every customer personal attention. His cooking is sooo good, so we’ve had dinner twice at his restaurant. Seriously, we never go to restaurants twice when we’re abroad, but this was definitely worth an exception.

Philly cheese steak, Lucky Texans

I had such a good burger: Philly cheese steak. I asked for medium rare and it was perfect. The second time I had the Philly cheese steak again.

Who knew the food in Istanbul would be so good!



Ohh, die chocolade cake ziet er zo lekker uit! Baklava vind ik echt veel te zoet haha, maar dat is soms juist wel weer lekker.