Fashion Revolution Day 2015 | Who made my clothes?


April 24, 2015


Ever wondered who made your clothes? Well, there’s a reason why we don’t know. It’s because the truth is not pretty. Today is THE day to ask this question to your favourite clothing designer or brand: It’s Fashion Revolution Day. It’s a day where people around the world challenge global fashion brands to be transparent about their supply chain.

The truth revealed

If you want to know where your clothes are made, watch the mini documentary “Sweat Shop – Dead Cheap Fashion“. I’ve watched the documentary a while ago and it moved me to tears. Watch the trailer below.

Three Norwegian fashion bloggers go to Cambodia to see how the people there live and work. These people make the clothes that we buy in stores like H&M, Mango and Zara. We always see labels on our clothes saying ‘made in Vietnam’, ‘made in Bangladesh’ etc. and this documentary shows what really happens in the sewing factories in those countries. Watch the 5 short episodes of Sweatshop here.

Watching this made me realize how privileged we are that we live on this side of the world. We have good working conditions, enough money to spend on food, clothes and housing and are able to enjoy life. Knowing the reality of this situation, it’s almost impossible not to take any action to do something about this inequality. Fashion Revolution Day is a great initiative and opportunity to raise awareness for this issue and to inspire change in the garment industry.

Find out more on why we need a fashion revolution HERE. Are you joining as well?

What we can do today: