Editing photos with VSCOcam

On Monday, I showed you outfit photos that I took of fashion blogger Rachèl. I edited those photos in Lightroom and used the app VSCOcam for filter effects. Today, I’ll show you how you can edit a photo in VSCOcam step by step!

Step by step tutorial, VSCOcam

VSCOcam is a FREE photo editing app and it’s THE BEST app for applying filters on your phone. Normally, I like to use VSCO Film presets for Lightroom as well, but the app is just as good and quick and it’s FREE. It’s a lot quicker than tweaking the photos yourself in Photoshop on your computer, which honestly none of us busy people have time to deal with anyway.

No, this post is NOT sponsored by VSCOcam, I just really love the app and their filters.

This is a before and after and I’m going to show you now how this was done. The only thing you need for this is a phone or tablet with VSCOcam on it.

Before and after editing with VSCOcam

So.. Let’s start!

Step 1: Import photo in VSCOcam

Open VSCOcam, go to LIBRARY, click on the plus sign and import your photo. You can select multiple photos and import them at the same time.

Open VSCOcam

Select photo in VSCOcam

Open photo in VSCOcam

Step 2: Crop picture

If your photo needs cropping, crop it first.

Crop photo in VSCOcam

Crop photo in VSCOcam

Step 3: Adjustments: Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows

You can do as much adjustments as you need.

Adjust exposure in VSCOcam

And for every tool, you can bump it up or down as much as you need.

Expore +3

Step 4: Choose filter

VSCO has TONS of filters. If you’re thinking of buying new presets, try HB1 and HB2 by Hypebeast! They are amazing and free!

Choose filter in VSCOcam

Filter HB2 in VSCOcam

Default when you apply the filter is +12, but bump it down until you’re satisfied. I’ll keep it on +7.

Filter HB2, VSCOcam

Here’s a side by side comparison of the HB2 filter on +12 and on +7.


Aaaand, we’re done!

Edit photo in VSCOcam

This process literally took me no time at all. And the best thing: you can copy and paste the adjustments and filter to other photos in VSCOcam as well. This saves a lot of time if you have a whole set of photos you want to edit in the same way!

Before and After:

Before and after editing with VSCOcam

You can find more photos of this shoot with Rachèl here.

I hope you liked this tutorial and let me know if this was helpful to you!



Oeeh thanks voor de tips! Ik heb het wel vaker geprobeerd via de VSCO CAM app maar op een of andere manier worden de foto’s dan minder qua kwaliteit. Upload je ze in als origineel of verklein je de foto’s nog eerst en hoe zet je de foto’s zonder dat de kwaliteit minder word weer op je pc?


Oeh sorry ik lees dit nu pas. Ze worden wel ietsjes minder van kwaliteit ja, maar niet heel merkbaar voor mij. Zeker niet als het gaat om blogfoto’s die toch geen hoge resolutie nodig hebben. Ik importeer foto’s van maximaal 2700×1800 erin en exporteer ze direct naar mijn Dropbox.

Jaa, liefde voor VSCO!

Superduidelijke uitleg thanks!


Hoi! Heb je de app op de Mac? Of gewoon via je tel? Liefs.

Hi! Ik heb het gewoon op m’n telefoon gedaan!

Looks amazing! Very helpfull post, nice blog you have!


WOW! Zo verschil! Ik vind het best nog lastig om met VSCO te werken.
Je maak echt altijd zulke mooie foto’s! Mocht je ooit een model nodig hebben mag je me altijd mailen/bellen, haha.


Hihi, thanks! Jaa, zal ik zeker doen! X

Great to see! I work as a model myself but I´ve always been interested in the editings and finally got myself Photoshop! :)

Hehe, you can make editing as easy or complicated as you want ;)