Christmas details

Christmas-red lace-roses

Christmas ornaments

Christmas-red lace-candy cane


Jimmy Choo-shoes

Christmas ornaments

Merry Christmas everyone!

What do you think of these Christmas details? I love decorating the house for Christmas, because it makes it so much cozier. With decorating, it’s always in the details. Do you have a tree this year to decorate?

What is your favorite thing to do with Christmas? Do you like celebrating it with a big dinner party with friends, with a brunch, exchange gifts or do you like to stay at home and watch the classic movies that are on TV every year around this time?
Today, I will be celebrating Christmas at church. This is a wonderful time to go to church and be reminded that Jesus was born as the most perfect gift for us. He’s the best gift we can get in our lives!

This celebration will be my third one of this week already. In the Netherlands we have a ‘First’ and ‘Second’ Christmas day, both are vacation days for the whole country. I think they introduced this second day, because they know the people will all have hangovers of the night before, hahah. Tomorrow, I’ll be happy to stay at home and watch Home Alone or Love Actually on TV in my pj’s and drink homemade pumpkin soup.

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