Istanbul – Bosphorus tour & Anadolu Kavaği


March 16, 2015

Castle, ph by José Chan
Bridge, ph by José Chan
Simit, ph by José Chan
Bosphorus tour, ph by José Chan
Anadolu Kavagi
Anadolu Kavagi
Anadolu Kavagi 04
Anadolu Kavagi 05
Boat, ph by José Chan

During our trip in Istanbul, we took a cruise tour on the Bosphorus, the strait that separates Istanbul in two. The view from the ferry is great! On the left of the Bosphorus is Europa and on the right is Asia, pretty amazing!
The tour took 3 hours back and forth, so it’s great if you have some time to kill. At Anadolu Kavaği, the last stop, everyone gets off. There, you can visit the fortress, stroll around and have lunch. After around 2 hours the ferry goes back to Eminönü.
This tour is great if you’re in for some relaxation! Anadolu Kavaği is a cute village, but there’s not much to do. I was mostly happy to be inside on the ferry in the warmth for 3 hours, because even though the sun was shining, it was still pretty cold outside!


Ik ben echt obsessed met de foto’s die je maakt, wauw!

Wauw je maakt echt mooie foto’s! Die kat vind ik echt prachtig