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8x stylish DSLR cameratassen voor bloggers Fotografietips Je DSLR camera veilig meenemen EN er fashionable uit blijven zien? Het kan! Hier 8x de meest stylish cameratassen voor je DSLR! LEES MEER Inspiratie: Nikon D5 filmpje Inspiratie Ik was me een beetje aan het oriënteren op de nieuwe DSLR-camera van Nikon, de Nikon D5, die uit gaat komen in maart en stuitte toen op dit YouTube filmpje. Je kan het filmpje kijken tot 1:30 als ... LEES MEER Editing outfit photos: step by step tutorial Fotografietips Whether you use Lightroom, Photoshop, VSCOcam, Afterlight, Snapseed, Picasa or another program or app, there are a few things you always need to pay attention to when you're editing outfit photos.... LEES MEER VSCO Film 00 Review | Before-After examples Reviews So VSCO has just released a FREE starter pack: VSCO Film 00! It includes two popular presets of previous VSCO Film packs and their variations: Kodak Gold 100 from Film 05 and Tri-X from Film 06. T... LEES MEER 5x inspirerende fotografieblogs om te volgen Inspiratie Heb je wat inspiratie nodig of vind je het net als ik gewoon leuk om door mooie foto's te scrollen? Volg dan deze 5 inspirerende fotografieblogs! LEES MEER The best camera settings for outfit photos Fotografietips I know that as a fashion blogger or beginning photographer you're probably most curious to know the 'right' settings for your camera and how to get nice outfit shots even without the automatic mode. F... LEES MEER Editing photos with VSCOcam Fotografietips On Monday, I showed you outfit photos that I took of fashion blogger Rachèl. I edited those photos in Lightroom and used the app VSCOcam for filter effects. Today, I'll show you how you can edit a pho... LEES MEER Enhancing blue skies Fotografietips On Monday, I shared a bunch of photos I took in Israel with deep blue coloured skies. Today I will show you how I enhanced the blue skies from the original photos in Lightroom with a simple 'cheat'. S... LEES MEER The truth behind my photos Fotografietips I sometimes get the question: Do you edit your photos? How do you edit your photos? Well, today I'll reveal everything you want to know, because the answer is: YES, of course I edit my photos and in t... LEES MEER