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Friday Next Persoonlijk Yesterday, I had lunch at Friday Next in rainy Amsterdam. Friday Next is a concept store with a really nice collection of interior and design pieces. I had a great time catching up with my... LEES MEER Blogger shoot: Noor Fotoshoot Photography tip for bloggers: Take advantage of the golden hour, the time of the day with best lighting! During summer it can be a hassle to search for nice locations to shoot with the right l... LEES MEER De Pasta Kantine Persoonlijk My favorite kitchen? Italian! I found this place, De Pasta Kantine, in Rotterdam as an alternative for the well-known italian fastfood restaurant Vapiano. What I love about them is... LEES MEER Blogger shoot: Noor Fotoshoot Noor and I met up for a shoot after a long time again since she was traveling before and I was finishing school work. Since it was July and very sunny in Amsterdam, we met up after 5pm in ... LEES MEER Leonidas Lunch Persoonlijk I had a lovely lunch at lunchroom Leonidas in Delft this afternoon. I love this city so much for its charming canals, alleys and of course because its the city of my university. I chose to wal... LEES MEER Blogger shoot: Noor Fotoshoot It’s August! Now that things have calmed down, I realize how much I missed doing things I love, like going on vacation and doing photo shoots. I finally got the chance to try out my ne... LEES MEER Utrecht Persoonlijk A while ago, I explored the city Utrecht and was quite surprised with some of the architecture there. I occasionally found good spots as potential shooting locations and I got most excited ove... LEES MEER Blogger shoot: Noor Fotoshoot I shot these pictures a while ago with Noor when she came to Den Haag. I haven’t had the chance to upload these because I was super busy finishing school deadlines. I’m super happy that I fini... LEES MEER Karen & Kwok Mijn fotografie Last week I was at a beautiful wedding to which I was invited to film this couple’s important day. It was such a good experience for me, because it was my first time shooting a wedding and I learn... LEES MEER Flowers & Food Persoonlijk Finding healthy food in another city can be tough. Last week I found two places in the city of Utrecht I’d definitely recommend for a healthy bite. The first is Yoghurt Barn: such a good o... LEES MEER