Black and white self-portraits

Self-portraits 14

Self-portraits 6

Self portrait



Black and white self-portraits, shot in my room with a Nikon camera, 35mm lens, in-built flash, tripod and a remote control.
I used a VSCO preset in Lightroom thas has a little bit of grain. It makes my freckles more noticeable than in other pictures, though: August’s set of self-portraits.

I have absolutely nothing planned for this week except working at the office and going to the university. It’s a lot of travelling time actually. Hopefully I can squeeze in a lot of gym time again and plan some shoots? We’ll see.. :)

Have a nice week!


Hi Joos! I just found your blog, your pictures are amazing. Just a curious question, are you Asian/half Asian? :)

Hi Nicole, thanks so much! Yes, I’m ‘full’ Asian: Chinese ;)

Mooie foto’s! Ook een fijne zwart wit omzetting :)

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