A wedding in Antwerp


August 21, 2015

Antwerp architecture, by José Chan

Balloons, by José Chan

Candles, by José Chan

Wedding in Antwerp, by José Chan

Icecream, by José Chan

Macarons, by José Chan

Last week I attended a friend’s wedding in Antwerp. We drove to Antwerp by car early in the morning and did some shopping in the city center first. I love the historical architecture in the shopping street!

The wedding was beautiful and dinner was held at a magical venue, like it came out of a fairy tale! And the best part of the night were the desserts ☺.

We stayed the night in Antwerp and went on a day trip to Brussels the next day. More of that next week!

I’m attending another wedding today by the way (it’s the season), but I’m swapping my camera for my flute this time!