My 5 silly and serious resolutions for 2015


January 7, 2015

New Years Resolutions 2015

First, I’d like to wish you all a happy and healthy new year, all the best for 2015! I love the feeling I get with New Year. I get the same feeling when I open a new, clean notebook. It’s a new beginning. A chance to do things better. Every year I have a few New Years Resolutions. I don’t care whether I keep them or not, but I just want to have a bit of an idea of the things I want to achieve in the new year or the things I’d like to improve. This year’s the same. I have a lot of resolutions for different aspects of my life: school, photography, friends, health, my room, finances etc. I won’t share them all with you, because that would be too personal, but here are 5 silly and serious resolutions for 2015.

1. Photography: Get my foot into modeling agencies as photographer.
My dream would be to shoot editorial work for magazines like Vogue, but I know that’s far, far away. That’s my ultimate dream. Still, a first step in that direction is to work with ‘real’ models and get in contact with modeling agencies.

2. Finance & Health: Spend less money on food.
This will not only help me save money, but also prevents mindless buying and eating snacks just because I want to.

3. Fashion & Finance: Buy 5 pieces per season max.
I have toooo many clothes. I’m only going to allow myself to buy 5 essential items per season this year. This includes clothes, shoes, bags or accessories. This will force me to really think before I buy, which will help me from buying things I don’t need and not to make excuses (“..but it’s so cheap and it’s my size!”). Plus, I can spend slightly more money on quality and take my time to find the perfect pieces. Right now, I’m thinking about a perfect hat, a leather jacket, a denim jacket and ankle length, ripped-knee skinny jeans.

4. Health: Do Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide
This is something I really want to try this year. I’ve seen so many before-after photos, the results are always amazing! I’m already reading into the ebooks and trying some of the workouts.
I’ve been into running and going to the gym for two years now, but can’t seem to keep up my motivation. I hope this plan will help me achieve my fitness goals. If I see what I can achieve, I believe I can be my own motivation.

5. Random(??): Learn Swedish, hahah.
Why Swedish? First, I have a lot of family over there. It would be nice to know some basic words and sentences at least if I go there. Second, I think it’s a nice language. Learning languages has always been easy for me and a lot of people say Swedish is similar to Dutch, so I hope I can pick it up quickly.

These resolutions sound so shallow and vain after writing them down, but you should know that I never post the real personal things on here. I have a lot more serious resolutions for my photography work and my health, but also for school, my personal development and my spiritual life, which I find far more important!

Now I want to read your resolutions! You can leave a comment with your resolutions or a link to your blog post and I’ll read them!



Oh leuke en inderdaad goede voornemens! De eerste is zo gaaf, ik hoop voor je dat het gaat lukken, je fotografeert prachtig dus dat komt vast goed. De tweede kan ik me ook wel in vinden.

Mooie blog heb je! Heb je deze via wordpress gemaakt?

Aww, dank je! Hahah, ik hoop dat het me gaat lukken om me eraan te houden.
Thanks, ja ik heb WordPress inderdaad!

Oh, schiet me net binnen, maar hint agency, pas begonnen, zoekt sowieso nog fotografen om op tfp basis te shooten! Meert staat op hun fb!

Thanks voor de tips! Ik kan hun alleen niet vinden op fb of google..

Gewoon agencies mailen, een brutaal mens heeft de halve wereld en vaak krijg je een heel positief antwoord!